Surya Mathialagan


Hi! I am Surya, and I am a fourth year PhD student in the MIT Theory group. I am extremely fortunate to be advised by Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Virginia Vassilevska Williams.

I am broadly interested in combinatorics, graph algorithms, fine-grained complexity and cryptography.

Prior to this, I was an undergraduate at Caltech, where I had the pleasure to work with Christopher Umans and Adam Sheffer.

In my free time, I enjoy art, dancing, and playing music.



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Mina Dalirrooyfard, Surya Mathialagan, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, Yinzhan Xu

In submission

Memory Checking for Parallel RAMs

Surya Mathialagan

TCC 2023

MacORAMa: Optimal Oblivious RAM with Integrity

Surya Mathialagan, Neekon Vafa

Crypto 2023

Listing, Verifying and Counting Lowest Common Ancestors in DAGs: Algorithms and Fine-Grained Lower Bounds

Surya Mathialagan, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, Yinzhan Xu

ICALP 2022

Distinct Distances between Non-Ruled Surfaces and between Circles

Surya Mathialagan, Adam Sheffer

Discrete & Computational Geometry, Volume 69, Issue 2, 2023

On Bipartite Distinct Distances in the Plane

Surya Mathialagan

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 28, Issue 4, 2022